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Wealth Visa

For those looking to relocate to Portugal and have sufficient capital and / or income to support themselves the Wealth Visa is in many respects the easiest option.

For those that work remotely, or perhaps are in or approaching their “golden years”, the Wealth Visa provides a simple and efficient way to establish oneself in Portugal.

The process involves the acquisition or rental of a property, proof of adequate income and health insurance valid in Portugal and willingness to spend/commit time in Portugal.

This is particularly relevant to those in a position to spend the inclement months of the year in Portugal, South African winters or Middle Eastern summers for example, getting the best of both worlds.

Relocation for an individual or family can be take place within about 3 months with full residency achievable in about 6 months.

Exceptional benefits which can apply to retirement are the 10% rated tax on pension and passive income and the absence of inheritance tax on assets bequeathed to inline members of the family.