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With the increasing political instability across the Middle East and Africa, having a plan B has become an essential step for both individuals and businesses based in these more challenging regions.

Portuguese residency affords many of the same benefits as citizenship allowing free movement to all the 28 countries in Schengen Europe, the ability to operate business and bank accounts as one would in his home country.

The security, freedom and all the benefits of European residency and citizenship can be secured through three programs offered by the Portuguese government.

These routes vary in terms of levels of required investment, activity and physical presence in Portugal.

  • The Golden Visa
  • Business Development Route
  • Retirement Route

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With over 20 years of experience in Portuguese legislation, property and financial services, The Passport to Portugal (PTP) team with its legal advocates, tax accountants, immigration specialists and real estate professionals will advise on the most suitable route and provide professional assistance and a high quality personalized service starting from residency application until citizenship.

In 2013 PTP launched its services in the Middle East and North Africa through its regional office based in Jordan to facilitate processing applications from countries in this region.

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Rula Freij – Regional Manager MENA
Address: Building no. 86, Abdul Hameed Street, Shmesani Amman -Jordan
Mobile: +962 779214752
Skype: Passport to Portugal MENA

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